Next Generation

by Linnor

This is the third and last installment of last Saturday's activities.  After the Chinese birthday lunch and the afternoon coffee, Jerry, Jake and I hied off to Majestic to meet up with Team Cordero, Team Maglana and Team Arbasa, for Chinese (2nd time today) dinner buffet.

I think I ingested too much MSG consumed my calorie requirement for the week in just one day! 

Buffet dinner at Majestic
Parents all:  the Maglanas, George, Jerry and myself, the Arbasas.  We're never too busy to find time to have dinner together.

The Dads' carbon copies
Daddies' mini-me: Christian Arbasa, Gremmie Cordero, our Jake, and Mikey Maglana

Starting 'em young.  These boys could very well be the next generation leaders of their dads' organization. 


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