Ziggy and his First Vaccine in SG

Since we came here, it was only last Sept 9 when he got his vaccine. The doctor kinda scolded me for bringing him too late. Oh well, it's better late than never..hehe. He developed a slight fever but just for a day. Thank God. His next jab will be on Oct 9. He cried when we held him tight but when the injection was inserted, he stopped crying...weird! We tried taking his photo but the doctor didn't allow us to take pictures nor videos...arte!

The next day, I brought them to a children's birthday party at my boss' place. The recipes were all Chinese...not the usual siomai, siopao, and sweet and sour pork like what I used to eat in the Philippines. Everything was new for my taste. Some I liked, some I didn't like.

Last night, a Chinese man called me and asked for a man named Suresh because he said the latter owed him $25 taxi fare. I told him that I don't know any Suresh. He insisted that I pay the amount or else he'd call the police. It made me so mad that I told him to go ahead because for sure, he'd be embarrassed for accusing me of such a thing. He mellowed down and then said goodbye. After a few seconds, he called again. I just told him to check the number. Nakakakulo ng dugo.


  1. wawa ziggy. i hope the fever is gone. about the man who called you, baka nira-racket ka lang. new modus operandi. :)

  2. i forgot to tell you, i bought something from a hawker while i was there and owed him $ 25 and left your number. i told him my name was Shuresh.

    Tumawag na ba?

    Cute ni Ziggy. :)

  3. @ate tata: the fever is gone. buti naman.

    @kuya: haha. kaya pala. pero pinag init talaga niya ulo ko. gabing gabi, nabwisit ako e.

  4. Hope Zigi feel beter now. Nice and Creative blog!


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