To Party or Not to Party?

Zia's birthday is coming up and she wishes to have a party. I feel bad because this is the first time I have not planned anything for her. Usually, two months before, I have already started planning either a party at home, school, or some venue nearby.

The other day, she showed me a magazine she kept and pointed at the cake she wants. It's a doll cake worth 100sgd. Every day, she asks me "Ma, Sept 30 na ba? Birthday ko na ba?". She is really looking forward to this day and it's so hard to disappoint her. But Im thinking, maybe it will be better to bring her shopping for toys she wants instead of having a one day event. At least, the toys can last a long time and she'll surely enjoy it. Bahala na siguro si Batman. Hanap muna ako ng anda.


  1. the option to take zia shopping for toys for her birthday seems like a good idea. :)

  2. i know. 20sgd pwede na.

  3. Get her the cake. Invite a few friends from school and the area.

    SGD80 from Papa Junnie. You take care of the spaghetti and the drinks and the toy shopping.

    It is a special day for her and she will not be 5 years old again.

  4. God is soo good! This morning, as I was looking for something, I found a different thing...guess what? $40 takashimaya voucher which I can use to buy Zia's toys. Thanks for your donation..hehe. This afternoon, I already bought the ingredients for her spaghetti. Now, I'd say I'm ready.

  5. Jinkee and Michi9/24/09, 7:46 PM

    Happy birthday to Zia!:b

  6. thanks, marsy!!

  7. For a more memorable birthday, Mamarazzi and I MIGHT be sending some SGD before September 30. Please try checking your BPI account or I-Remit atm. What is 100 SGD for a dearly beloved Zia--the only ladylike apo we have! Yes?

    HAPPIEST OF ALL BIRTHDAYS, Ziaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ziaaa! Mahal ka namin! Alam mo ba yon?


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