Test Drive

by Linnor


Lately, Jerry and I together with the kids, have been visiting car dealers and test driving different car brands. It has become an activity for us to drive up to a car dealer and check out new models even if we didn't plan on buying. Hehe. It gave the boys a different satisfaction to try the cars.

We were not expecting much from the Ford Everest but Jerry was surprised at how much power it gave while we were going uphill to Nivel Hills. On the other hand, the more popular Mitsubishi Montero which the boys were pining for in case we were in the market for a replacement car, turned out to be a slight disappointment. We were given a test unit that was about a year old but looked and sounded like it's been around longer. It gave us a picture of how this vehicle's condition would be like 1 or 2 years down the road.

Then we went to Toyota to check out the Fortuner and the Prius. And my oh my, the Prius at P2.2M, really costs a lot! I think these hybrid cars should be given tax breaks so as not to be too expensive.

After checking out BMW and skipping on the Volvos, Hyundais and Chevrolets, we went to our last stop.

The last brand we tried was Kia. We test-drove the Soul and the Sportage and found the latter to be underpowered versus our very own Carens. Weird. In contrast, the Soul was a great ride and the form factor, is just radical. Either you love it or you hate it. Lol!

After having gone through all the brands (that mattered), we now have a clear picture of what we want to get.  (Care to make a guess?)  As to when... that's a different story altogether.


  1. ford everest! wow, i like this collaborative site, and i love your cute birdie!

  2. hi vangie! is that you? hehehe...

  3. oh yes it was me, vangie, he he. i thought i was logged in. bitin naman, which car did you like?


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