Spot the Difference

by Junnie

Six Years After. We still enjoy, (should I put the word enjoy in quotes?), each other's company. Yes, be it the French Alps or the Merlion at the background, the 3 Arreza siblings take time out to enjoy special bonding moments together, sans Paparazzi and Mama. :) We may have added more weight, more white hair, more wrinkles, but alongside those additional things were added maturity and wisdom. Although we still enjoy talking about the past, we enjoy this time talking about the present and the future and what lies ahead. This blog is going to be a channel for all those banterings, minus the hair pulling and shouting. Pramis.


  1. so glad you posted the old pic alongside the new one. :) i hope we get to do this again soon. :D

  2. Cebu, Siargao, Las Pinas, (pero with Mama and Papa) so they're not counted, what counts are Switzerland now Toronto perhaps?

  3. hmmm...i hope i can year? hehe

  4. Don't wait for another 6 years to have pics like this taken... dapat every year!

  5. hi jo,
    oo nga. 6 years is just too long. hehehe.


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