Shaken but Thankful

by Linnor

On my way back to work after lunch a few minutes ago (late lunch), I drove slowly as I sang along Y101's Goldrush Friday as it played "Don't say a prayer for me now. Save it 'til the morning after"... Remember that song by Duran Duran? Anyway...

I was slower than my usual pace because it was drizzling.  The jeepneys on the oncoming lane were unloading as I drove past them. And then "screech!". I instinctively stepped on the brake which sent my Macbook hurtling down from the front passenger seat to the floor and then followed by my heavy purse. I think my heart stopped for a beat...ok for beats!

Seconds before that, a small child who was covered by his or her adult companion from the drizzle, alighted from the jeepney on the other lane. Suddenly, both crossed to my lane without looking. The woman was mindful about getting the kid wet but not careful enough to steer clear from oncoming cars (?). Ugh... The passengers and the driver from the other jeepney were almost sure they were going to see a gory spectacle had I not been paying attention. It would have been another story.

As a tip, when driving in Cebu or anywhere in the Philippines, I've learned to anticipate that when a vehicle on the opposite lane decides to unload a passenger, that passenger, might not go for the nearest sidewalk but would attempt to stand in the middle of 2 lanes and cross to your side of the lane. Tsk. Scary that we can be too reckless like that.

I'm still shaken by that close call. I thank God He didn't allow anything bad to happen. Even my laptop survived the drop.


  1. Better still, always think that dito sa Pinas, lahat ng drivers loko-loko, ikaw lang ang MATINO!

  2. ay mismo! hehehe...

    glad to see you commenting on this blog. :) one stop shop na lang and you get to read all the kwentos of your favorite son and daughters. :P


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