Oh No Ondoy!

by Linnor

As of this writing, we are glued to the news and we see people on top of houses that are being swept away!  This has been the worst flooding (brought on by typhoon Ondoy) I've seen or could remember in years.  It's so sad that this is happening... Now praying for the safety of people in calamity-stricken areas...

My twitter feed displayed the following from most recent to twits 5 hours ago:

edebreo I just saw a couple of people riding what looks like a pile of garbage in a flooded marikina river. I hope they got rescued. It's horrible!

macelmorph water more than 6ft high omG!!

friarminor Power failure adds to Las Pinas woes. Waist-high waters in nearby village drive owners to move cars out of garages. Boo.

beabear BUREAU OF FIRE PROTECTION HOTLINES: 729-5166, 410-6254, 413-8859, 407-1230

beabear Meralco emergency text numbers: 0917-5592824/0920-9292824

beabear National Disaster Coordinating Council Emergency Nos.: 912-5668, 911-1406, 912-2665, 911-5061 Help hotlines: 734-2118, 734-2120.

JerryR Watching the TV coverage of the flood in MM, glad I flew home yesterday

ApplesH Anyone know the hotline for Cainta rescue? NCR doesnt cover it and my mom & sis are stranded there. Flood waters are neck deep. Pls. help!

Rowena18 says per Teleradyo, NLEX traffic not moving...

friarminor MacGyvering: Drenched fixing drain spouts and clearing debris-causing flooded streets.

lilacbrew According to the news patrol, water in c5 near tiendesitas is now waist deep      


  1. Mamarazzi and I went to South Mall at 11am to see In My Life. We did not expect that Typhoon Ondoy signal 65 would be that horrible and destructive. The heavy rains only lasted for two hours but the effect was terrible.

    We went home at 2pm and we found our house submerged one foot deep. Quite unusual because we did not have this ever since!

    We spent the whole afternoon and evening draining and cleaning our house!

  2. Got Mama's text that all our things were drenched but we're glad to know you're all ok. Is yaya still there? sana hindi naman sila nabiktima ng baha.


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