New Mall Buddy

by Linnor

It's 090909 and a local holiday in Cebu (Osmena Day).  I was looking forward to bonding with the boys but Matt and Kyle requested me to drive them to school for their practice or project-making.  So I just made a date with them at the mall at 5pm, after they've spent enough time with their friends/classmates.

After dropping the elder boys off, I looked at Jake and thought perhaps the two of us should bond without his brothers.  Why not?  So I drove to the ATM at IT Park and then proceeded to Ayala Center just as they opened their doors for today's mall-goers.

I walked to Salon de Rose to have my mani-pedi and a retouch to hide the gray regrowth but at the back of my mind, I was silently hoping that Jake would not think of going to the toy store or anywhere but the salon.  To my surprise, he just sat on one of the empty barber's chairs to play with his PSP with nary a complaint.

Then he walked to another kid who happened to be with his mom too.  Great, I thought, that should keep him company.  Then when the kid and the mom had left, Jake went back to the barber's chair and continued playing his PSP for at least an hour.

Contented and happy to have my way without a fussing 5 year-old, I busied myself reading the magazines while the stylist tried to finish the job.   

Then it hit me. I do not have to resent the fact that the elder boys are out with their friends instead of with me or that Jerry is out of town and I have to do things alone sometimes.   I realized I had a new mall buddy in Jake.  I just have to make sure his PSP is fully charged. :)

while Pa shopped at Celio


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