My Zia's 5th Birthday

I know we shouldn't be celebrating when a lot of people in the Philippines are in need of donations after typhoon Ondoy but my daughter will not understand the situation. Even if I tell her a million times why we should not celebrate her birthday, she still would refuse to understand because that's just how kids are. Im not saying it's being selfish but I believe her goodness will naturally show in time.

Today, we celebrated Zia's 5th birthday with her closest friends. I went to the office at 8am and went home at past 2pm to prepare the food for the party. We had spaghetti, fried chicken (i marinated the night before), sauteed shrimp, breaded cauliflower, spicy adobo (liver and gizzard), and fruit salad. The cake was ordered online. The decorations and giveaways were done the day before. The visitors came on time but I finished cooking a little past the time stated on the invitations which I anticipated so I gave the kids activity sheets I printed (connect-the-dots, maze, and coloring pages). I played birthday songs at the background to break the silence and blew balloons used for twisting for them to play with.

How did I know they enjoyed the party? Need not showed on their faces. I just love seeing children smiling and laughing especially my little girl. A few minutes ago, she came to us (mom and dad in the room with our laptops) and said "Ma, gusto ko birthday ko palagi kasi happy ako pag birthday ko. Gusto ko hindi lang sept 30 ang birthday ko. Thank you sa cake and sa gift." Hearing that washed off the oil that burned me while cooking the chicken, the pain in my arms from grating the cheese, and the headache I felt for lack of sleep. It might not be the best party for others who spent millions in hotels or function rooms but it definitely is the best for my Zia.

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  1. Awww... I'm glad you decided to throw a party for her. Simple lang naman ang happiness ng kids. It's nice to know that you made her very happy like she said. :D

  2. i love throwing parties. si mama kasi palagi may pakain pag bday ko so i know how one feels pag pinaghahandaan ang bday. gusto ko rin gawin kay zia at ziggy para maganda childhood memories.


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