How do you say that? "Kee-lee-nee"? I tasted this breakfast combo for the first time during my recent trip to Singapore. We were at the airport early and thought of getting breakfast before the flight back to the Philippines. It was a good way to spend the waiting time for this hungry trio who cannot seem to run out of topics to talk about.

May gamely picked up the tab and treated me and Junnie to a breakfast combo that consisted of a cup of coffee, soft boiled egg and slices of kaya toast. Though I'm not a big fan of soft boiled egg, it was actually something I enjoyed . I guess when I'm on a trip, I become more adventurous to try food I don't normally have back home. :)

Have you tried this? Did you like it?


  1. I agree with breakfast, thanks for being #80 follower, I may blog about you.
    Great blog

  2. Great that you enjoyed it. I gotta say that I tend to think soft boiled, or any other partially cooked egg, is kind of yucky!

  3. hi stuff could always be worse.
    you're welcome! :)

    hi tracy. perhaps if i took it by itself i wouldn't have enjoyed it much. hehehe so i was surprised at myself that day.


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