Changes in Our Lives

by Junnie

Ch-ch-changes. We can't get enough of David Bowie singing that 70s tunes. That could well be what we are singing these days. There are so many things happening in the domestic front. Autumn has started and that means that colder days are here again. Mama has turned a year older. Zia will have her turn next week. And for the 4th time this year, I will be in Manila... Can you sing the Pointer Sisters' hot tune? "I'm so excited....." Here's a great video of how things look from the same perspective in 1 year. Beautiful to see but we don't want to happen in our lives...all things changing while you remain static in one point :


  1. that was an awesome video. i thought you made it until i saw the credits. :)

    really now, you're absolutely right about changes. everything seems fleeting these days. the upside of that is, nobody stays in one unfavorable circumstance for long. :) somehow, there will be changes for the better.

  2. what about the awesome pictures? :)

    there really is nothing constant these days, except for the constant changes :)


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