1st Grading Period Results

by Linnor

This morning was the boys' report card distribution.  Matt, the 4th year high school student, got good grades except for his Physics and CLF (Christian Life Formation) which he needs to bring up in the next quarters.  Kyle, the 1st year high school student, ranked 4th in the top 10 of his class but needs to improve on his Filipino, Mandarin and English.

Jake the preschooler got all Excellent marks  but this is what is written as a summary of his 1st quarter performance:  "He is friendly and playful.  He works and plays well with his classmates.  He is attentive and participative in the class discussions.  During work period, he is constantly reminded to observe our classroom rules and procedures.  He is also encouraged to pray reverently all the time."

Hehehe... It clearly means they all need to exert more effort in the next grading periods.  So, busy days for this Ma and Pa will continue as expected...

Since we knew how much work they put in for the last quarter, Jerry and I decided to treat them out for lunch and had a sumptuous paella lunch buffet at Hola Espana.

hola espana
hola espana


  1. wow! ive been planning to cook paella but could not find the courage to do so. parang napaka complicated e. ive been experimenting on some recipes...hehe. so far, wala pa naman naoospital sa mga kumakain ng luto ko. hehe

  2. pasta pa lang ang natikman ko na gawa mo. :D


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